Jun 06 2024

Day 20,213

Many thanks to @jenny76 for running my doodle of the cryptid knight through a Glowforge Plus laser cutter and engraver at the library. This was on basic settings at 3.5″ square draft board. I really love how it turned out! The result is far nicer than I could have hoped, and I am looking forward to seeing how it does on a larger piece as the top of a box.

#doodle #laserengraving #woodworking #glowforgemade #cryptid #june062024

From Savage Sword of Conan Vol. 1 #42, June 1979, the “Kulamtu trees.” At some point, the Amazons of Gamburu planted Kulamtu trees in the center of their town square (or perhaps built the city around them?). Worshipping the Kulamtu like deities, the Amazons would perform ritual sacrifices by feeding living people to the plants. The plants became known as “the Devil-Trees of Gamburu.”

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