Day 20,214

It’s firefly and hoot owl season at night in the Blue Ridge. At twilight, they seem most visible, like embers coming from a campfire, but even at 11 p.m., there are still odd blinks and flickers in the trees and on the grass as well as in the air. Denver and Derek are coming to visit for the weekend, and I hope they enjoy them as much as we do. Music via @beachcreeperband “Chessie’s Got a Posse” , from the album – “In Surf Of” From the song: Chessie Chunky contaminated cooler: “Put a couple of ounces of rum in a shaker, Add an ounce of the thickest, pulpiest orange juice you can find Squeeze a lime in, and scrape in all the pulp (That’s all the garbage in the bay) Add some ice and shake it until it’s frosty and sludgy, Pour into a glass and garnish with a piece of Styrofoam on a toothpick Think about the plight of the bay, and gag it down.” Chessie needs to visit us cryptids in the blue ridge, take a little break and hang at Smith Mountain Lake with Smithy, and breathe some clean air and splash some fresh water. #doodle #chessie #fireflies #jun072024 #beachcreeperband #cocktail #smithy #smithmountainlakemonster #chesapeakebaymonster