Did laundry today, again at the Mat-o-confrontation. 🙂

The dryer 3 over from mine was broken, and somebody’s sheets and aprons caught fire… I don’t know if it was because of the dryer, or something rubber or plastic in there, but when they opened the thing up, the onrush of air ignited the hot things in there, filling the whole ‘mat with smoke. Fortunately I had already folded my clothes and was waiting out front for my ride.

For dinner… I’m making scrambled cheese-eggs, toast, and veggie links. Ketchup will be involved.

My sweetie is out and about tonight, but should be back at a reasonable hour…I hope she’s doing ok, with her ickie sickies out in the cold.

Hmm… shall I read as I eat? or be lazy and do the simpler tv?

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