severe weather alert from the national weather service

flood watch for south florida continues through tonight…
widespread rain…some locally heavy…there is a potential for more rainfall over the area today. tropical depression number 8 continues to drift very slowly west over the gulf of mexico just west of south florida. this system is expected to continue this slow movement today…therefore remaining very close to the area. combined with ample deep atmospheric moisture, low level convergence due to the circulation around this system, and daytime heating…will lead to widespread but locally heavy rainfall over south florida again today. all areas of south florida will get rain with an average of 1 to 2 inches of rain possible in some areas. locally higher rainfall amounts are possible…as any thunderstorms may drop heavy amounts of rain in a short period of time. the greatest rainfall amounts are expected over the east coast and eastern interior sections with heavy downpours, street flooding will be possible as well as in poor drainage areas and low lying areas. if the water threatens properties in some of these areas…flood warnings might then become necessary. therefore…a flood watch continues in effect for all of south florida through tonight. a flood watch means that the conditions are favorable for very heavy rain that can lead to the flooding of low lying and flood prone areas. this could lead to property damage and residents should take precautions to protect their property. motorists should avoid driving across flooded roadways to avoid damage to their vehicles. never drive across flowing water of an unknown depth. persons in south florida should be alert to rapidly rising water or flooding and be ready for quick action. move to a higher location should conditions become threatening.

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