thanks, Jason, for pointing phoons out to me!

Time to just stop for a moment. Turn off the TV, turn off the radio, fold up the newspaper.

Today is the first truly splendid weather of the new season. I mean, it is fantastic. Standing in front of an open window with no shirt on kind of weather. Big deep breaths of cool air, close your eyes and sigh kind of weather. Summer is over. I hope wherever you are, you manage to get some of this breeze.

Phoons put a smile on my face this morning. Just a bunch of people posing for pictures as though caught in mid-sprint. This Father Serra one is a favorite.

If I was still active in any Champions or superheroic games, I’d have to make a character called the Phoon. it’s just a good word.

(that and now I want to drink mum tea, with my sweetie, phooning.)

I finished Stephen King’s On Writing. I need some time to think about what I’m going to say about it, and when I get there I suspect I’m going to have a lot to say. I’m sure will be interested, but who knows who else will be.

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