Pak chooie unf

Japan to develop space shuttle. Unfortunately will not transform in walking, talking robot.

What’s the Afghan idea of a good game? Sort of like a cross between polo and a street fight, with a headless goat instead of a ball. Do you suppose the Salt Lake City Olympic committee would . . . naaaah.

One more test before book and bedtime.

Are you a lemming?  I am. I am a lemming.

I like to do what the general populous does. I am common. I will jump off the cliff along with everyone else.

Take the ‘Am I A Lemming?’ Test.

You know what?

Looking back on 2001, I think it was my best year, so far to date.

Everything there went as well for me as can be reasonably hoped for. Powerful love, good health, kept comfortable and warm…I managed to move into a better apartment, find some decent side-jobs to help with the cash flow, and my back has treated me as well as I’ve treated it. Not to say some rough things didn’t happen, but I think my act really came together this go-round. I can honestly say that I owe the gross majority of my happiness to my sweetheart and Newt, both of whom I cherish beyond words, and am thankful daily for having them in my life. I’m also glad that my brother is actively in my life, and that I forgave my mom this past year. No point in carrying that sort of baggage around.

What’s 2002 going to bring? More of the same, and better, I hope. Even if it just breaks even with last year, I’ll be well on my way to “Happily ever after”.

Seriously, for me, the 90s were the pits, especially the early years. I can only pray that the 00s are as good as the 90s were bad. so far, I think they’re living up to it. So, to whom it may concern, Thanks. Keep up the great work!

what’s up in Scotto’s head right now?

  • Full of food.
  • Full of love
  • A little bit weary
  • A little bit warm
  • thinking of her, and smiling
  • her voice, her eyes, her soul
  • thinking of Newt, and smiling there, too.
  • slight sunkist orange soda aftertaste
  • thinking of textures… food, hair, skin, sharp edges, soft corners, lizard skin, cool and bumpy
  • a backrub would be nice
  • a monkey in a flowered vest, pushing a wheelbarrow full of pudding
  • a pyramid with an eye in it, rosicrucians fighting a war with masons and thelema-folk for no good reason
  • an abba song – waterloo
  • the loch ness monster
  • cross-pod pollination
  • soft orange tones, cycling from red to brown and back
  • bring home brother’s sound card
  • Is she feeling better? I hope so. If not now, soon.
  • Is Newt getting better? I think so.
  • When did it get dark?
  • how many fans are in here? 17, counting computers, printers and the plug in. all whir at a different frequency.
  • Shut off 15 of the fans, just leave one machine and one printer in standby
  • now I hear the flourescent lights
  • when was the last time I heard pure silence? no fans, no traffic, no breathing, no purring?
  • I prefer breathing and purring to pure silence.

*loooong stretch*

Hrum… hoom.

Ugh.. am I still at work?

I’ve decided to take the last week of January off. That’s a nice week of the several I have accrued, and maybe I’ll take the first week of February as well, if things are slow enough to allow it.

I think pee should be the same color as what you drank. It would be so much fun, like a game. You could be at a urinal and say “Hey, I don’t remember drinking that!”.

Pink, orange, blue, whatever color cola is, purple, everyday is a new adventure. If you drink water, it should be automatically attached to whatever you drank prior, giving it a shiny finish, like the gloss on a Skittle.

Beer and apple juice would be pretty boring, tomato juice may be a bit scary, but it would be worth it for the milk pee.

It would be a great metabolism barometer too.

I guess we can’t have everything though. Asking to have multicolor urine is just too much, and I respect boundries. But wouldn’t it be just great? Don’t get me started on poop.

Ok, if not urine, how about toenail colors?

I slept pretty well last night, but read deep into the night before drifting off. I dreamt I was helping stage a prison escape for someone that I knew was innocent, but was going to be shot at dawn for some crime. Lots of walls crumbling down, and gunfire. We didn’t have weapons, but were dressed in Swat-team body armor….I presume to deal with the whizzing bullets of the guards. We got into a rinky-dinky little blue car, and tooled off at a good clip down the road, hiding underneath a pile of shipping blankets, and eventually took up a camp inside of an art museum, eating stuff from the snack concessions, and huddling together, wearing ancient egyptian garb for warmth. I don’t know why we didn’t burn the picture frames.

This morning, I woke pretty early, and took a gentle stroll… none too taxing. Maybe 2 miles, if that. The road construction is totally out of control, and quite a rough set of terrain for me to avoid. Tomorrow, I explore the area by the starlite lounge, and the new laundry. I didn’t see many landmarks today, but it was refreshing and enlightening to meander about. Walkies always makes me feel better and hones the mind, I feel. When I returned, Ol’ newtie took his meds well… I’m glad that he’s as tolerant as he is. Lately, I’ve been wondering why he hasn’t messed with the light switch, but I guess it’s just as well. Plastic milk rings are toy enough. I’m glad he still digs playing fetch.

Based on the US census, the random name generator. I may never have to rack my brains to create a story character’s name again. Yay!

Pointless ramble – I have a cable channel that’s generally very entertaining, but keeps changing owners. ABC Family, formerly FOX Family, formerly the Family Channel, formerly the religious right channel run by the 700 Club. I wonder what causes them to keep switching hands? (I was never partial to the 700 club, mind you, but the others tended to have some quality shows when I’d surf around.) It’s sort of like that Italian restaurant on the corner that keeps going out of business, and starting up again a month later with a new name… So far It’s sold Moroccan Food, then been four different Italian places. (three of which came and went so fast, I hadn’t an opportunity to sample the wares, to compare.) When it was Due Amici, I delighted in the eggplant parm and pizzas they provided. Perhaps on vacation, I’ll go there, and have a sit-down lunch there to ask the folks what’s up with that.

Well, I’ve been away from work for four days… it’s time to put three good ones in today, and decide which week this month I want to take off and goof with.

Let’s see where the road leads today… Wish me luck on today’s journey.