The World Integration, Accomplishment, Involvement, Fulfillment.

That was my draw for the course of today. Upon reflection on it, I tihnk enjoying peace of mind and using a gift and talent apply most. I got a lot accomplished and spoke briefly with Jen today regarding a future WID gig, too. Perhaps an opportunity to network out form there to other charity gigs, too. Maybe some work for St. Vincent’s Shelter… it’s remarkable to me how many places need tech-henchmen. Put in much relaxation time in too. Naps are *nice*.

Saw an airshow outside this afternoon…it’s been going on all weekend, apparently. The new laundry was positioned just right to watch it, and I did get my gear all done for free… not only that, it wasn’t crowded, either. Brand new machines and very clean. I wonder how long it’ll last?

found this unusual site… the cards another site that might be fun to meditate on

2001: a space travesty. was on earlier (and probably still on, though I’ve since moved on) Ugh… it’s *awful* not funny. I’m sorry for giving it 15 minutes of my time. I blame the French, whose earmarks are all over it.

airshow overhead
unforseen entertainment
yellow biplanes fly

walked to the laundry
used new fabric softener
Newt likes clean towels

chores done, finally
The goal is relaxation
looks like it’s naptime

fresh sheets and covers
showered body snug beneath
this, Sunday’s purpose

Mixed dreams last night. I’m going around putting self-adhesive postage stamps on all my books, either on the spine or the inside front cover, if the spine’s too small. I’m hanging out with Danny. I look over and notice he’s removing some of the stamps, and it’s not really bothering me… I ask him where he got his watch, and he tells me that he stole it from K-mart. (Dan would never do that.) I decide to take him to K-mart and make him bring it back, and my sweetie is there, not working, just a-shoppin’. My thieving buddy managed to escape while I was mooning over her, so I took her to the movies… we checked out LOTR… and we were mocking a big chunk of it. Whispering to one another, making the hobbits lisp at each other..”Ithn’t that Legolath a thweetie?” “Oh, yeth!” Fortunately, we were the only ones in the theater, so we could get into fits of giggles and gab pretty loudly with each other. After, we went to a park, and dined on lemon chicken… Overall, it was a nice time.

Going to try the new laundry today… I still have that freebie coupon. I wonder if it’ll be a mob scene there? If it’s too bad, I’ll keep going, and use old faithful.

Handy-dandy link o’ the day – file types by extension.

before bedski… space commies and monkeys

Eta Noozhna!
Cosmos Patrol! It’s Star Trek for Communists! The crew of the Red Adventurer and a reanimated Peter the Great challenging holographic supervillains Adolf Hitler and John D. Rockefeller in a chess tournament—to the death!

Japanese firms that destroy relationships for those unable to do it themselves–busting up marriages, driving off mistresses, even ruining corporate managers with their board of directors for the sake of a rival. Amazing, upsetting stuff.

They pioneer the outer reaches of space. They patrol the highways and keep the roads safe for Diet Dr. Pepper (with help from They Might Be Giants). They protect the world from megalomaniacal super-criminals. They’re the backbone of our great nation’s trucking industry. They’re sports idols who inspire our youth. They’re the future of education.

What won’t those fabulous chimpanzees do in the service of mankind?

Now, off to sleeps! Nighters! (By the way… my sweetie likes me better than Aragorn. Neener, Strider. prefers me she does. Yesss. )