Duel of Cuties

Dexter puppy!

Dexter at the office… he dares to Challenge Newton’s throne as Cutest Quadruped at FMM! Since I couldn’t bring Newt in on Friday, here are some piccies of him playing in my laundry basket this morning.

Nice Try, Dex, but Newtie’s still got my vote. (I may be biased… I’m Newt’s mom, after all)

green eye again! dang flash...
Newt loves hanging out in my laundry… silly tunnelling kitty. note in the background… godzilla slipper in the closet, wrapping paper (comic books), the yellow is a bus schedule, and a headset with mic (mic is dead thanks to *someone* chewing on the cord..but the earphones work well) on the floor in front of Newt, and the top of my CPAP device in the forground, along with my dresser. (image taken from my bed) also in the closet, you may be able to make out a flashlight, a few old storage boxes, hanging shirts, and a box of kitty litter.

look, ma! I'm a submarine!.

Profile Shot… he looks like a hood ornament, or a periscope to me.

feel free to tell me if these are ruining your friend’s page’s size.

This weekend’s mission-

  • cash paycheck
  • Laundry
  • groceries
  • Get a new towel-bar for the rack in the bathroom
  • Replenish Shampoo
  • Clean the Bathroom
  • Clean the Kitchen
  • Take out the Trash
  • find out brother’s day off -tenatively wednesday
  • iron out day trip schedules

Possible Day trips – (a longer commute)

Walt Disney World or Universal Studios

Coral Castle and surrounding homestead.

The Key West Aquarium and assorted places in the Conch Republic

More definite ones – (*very* local, attainable by foot or a brief bus ride)

The Hurricane Rollercoaster

Man of La Mancha at the Hollywood Playhouse… maybe take Dan on Monday (He’s the Sancho to my Quixote.)

The Morikami Museum and Gardens (A place I would play truant as a senior in high school… Maybe take Derek with me, maybe roam along the Riverwalk, and go to the museum of art.)

Stranrahan House, and the museum of Discovery & science, and the surrounding district. get some good food. 🙂

ok… off to take care of the first 3, maybe 5 on my chore list. I’ll be back in 2 hours or so.