One of my first ever lj friends deleted. (The oldest one I still read). That means is the official old-timer on my list, now.

That makes me sad… she’s a fun person, and the first LJ person I ever talked to AIM-wise, way back in may 2000.(fortunately, that comment wasn’t lost in the great livejournal crash of july 2000…the posts were saved but many people’s comments were gone. I met her back when the search engines worked, and we were only allowed one icon at a time. I started building a friend’s list when there were only maybe 100 people on LJ from Florida, and only about 20 were active more than once a week. (This was before interests were implemented).

I hope she’s happy wherever she is with buzz the pup, and bosco her boy, and that family life improves for her.

So long.

[update 1/8/02 She’s back! yay!]

My first recorded post on usenet, about 8 years ago. Typed from my FAU account, still barely active, about a year after graduation. I thought I’d posted to usenet before that, but perhaps I’m getting BBS stuff and Fidonet mixed up. Maybe an older email address? I’ll have to try out my old aliases…

A typo. On Christmas. My stance has since changed as Beakman burned out and faded away, but Nye labs grew with better writers and experiments….but you have to admire a scientist that explains boogers, and has a guy named Lester in a rat suit and a hippie-chick as sidekicks.

Holy Cow…

the bee guy... or does CH stand for CHUPACABRA?Telefutura, (the wacky spanish channel here) never ceases to amuse. Almost pornographic music videos, *really bad* variety shows with dirty old men and grown ups dressed as little kids, weird soap operas and the strange appeal of seeing local commercials in spanish. It reminds me that while I have better spanish than I did in high school (not saying much… spanish is what killed my GPA) I still don’t quite know what’s going on. I can sort of follow along for a while, and then my poddishness or ignorance of the culture kicks in, leaving me to fill in the blanks. (Usually with silly talk of super powers, hostess ding dongs or carniverous chupacabra masquerading as harmless sugargliders…. it’s an easy fallback. All nonhuman and particularly creepy humans get referred to as Chupacabra.) something I haven’t seen in a long time is sabado gigante, home of the “bee guy” that they make fun of sometimes on the simpsons. Maybe I need to find Univision… it’s the other channel on cable that shows that stuff too. Time to switch to the game show network…eee password with Frank Gorshin and Angie Dickinson. How young they look! Silly TV. I have a slight urge to watch Hollywood squares, which I saw is on next. Aw, poop… it’s the new one. I was hoping for Paul Lynde and George Gobel. I think that I’d want to make up a fake bio if I was on… Not sure what… “I’m a dog catcher by day, but fight crime by night!” or something like that.

I don’t know what’s inspiring me to ramble on.

Perhaps it was the lack of sleep last night. I worked on big brain, just fooling around and installing Red Alert 2 (Pretty much Age of Empires with wacky high-tech skins) I finally hit the sack about 6am… had a deep, thick sleep, and I dont remember last night’s dreams. I was awakened at about 10am by Ol’ Newt using my tum-tum as a springboard to leap to the top of the dresser. Having over a dozen pounds of cat trundle up and kick-off first thing is not how I’d advise waking up. As turnabout,I got to give him his meds (we’re about halfway through the dosage) I know now that Newt can count to two… he resists and runs away until I’ve given him his 2nd dropperful of antibiotics once the second one is done, he’ll come right to me, and ask for his treat instead of high-tailing it. Afterwards I took a walk to the bakery and picked up a loaf of italian bread, and *FORGOT AGAIN* to look into the new laundry…actually got junk mail from them… a coupon for a free wash, any day, all you can carry. (only good 1/7/02 – 1/17/02) and all new equipment. Mayhap I’ll try it next weekend early in the morning. Anyhow, I have a fresh loaf of bread just waiting for serving with cheese and grapes. Time for a little lunch.

babble off.