Freedom Force is cool. I’ll be buying it once my other projects calm to a simmer. (And I finish galactic battlegrounds and no one lives forever… birthday gifts as yet unplayed.)

Time change is coming up this Sunday… sort of surreal that most of the timepieces here reset by themselves… the VCR, computers, caller ID phone, palmtop. sometime in the morning, an hour will just distintigrate. I used to like staying up, and waiting for it to happen. I sort of got a kick out of *blink* and presto! an hour has flown! (or even better, later on…presto! rewind!)

The Poem Tag project is out of control… 131 and growing! that’s crazy… just follow the linkies. Well, I won’t abandon it, but I’m only going to add a maximum of ten a day.

I want the day to fly by, so I can get the weekend rolling, or a robot double to fill in for me at work. I’m looking forward to tonight.

Got a new supplier of tech, so I think I might build a web server for laughs, and just abandon the big brain project… use him for scrap. I can get a 1.7 machine for cheap-cheap, and it has a load of goodness. I will snag all the good bits out of big brain, (just the burner, and video card, really) , but the new machine will be XP / 2000 / *nix multiple boot, for brewing, doing software and net fiddling. Also, with the video card in place, newtcam will go 24/7 or so again! 🙂