Oooh… he looks guilty to me! I think it’s because I de-glowed his eyes.

This site will generate a star map for the longitude and lattitude you want at the time you want! It’ll also plot tracks for most satellites that
are visible. works nice as an avantgo channel, too.

Meeting my brother at the bus stop at 9:50, to give him some DVDs and Alieve for his back. It’ll be quick… 10 minute exchange point. He’ll dig the story of ricky and big trouble in little china.

be back after that.

no repercussions yet for ol’ Chupacabra. They’re waiting to call Tia, and get the whole story before approaching pressing any sort of argument forward. (I think that’s a good idea, as long as the investigation doesn’t lost steam… memories fade over time.)

My beloved’s being kept mighty busy by the powers that be. *sending her good and comfy vibes for today, and tomorrow!*

I don’t plan on ever deleting my journal, though perhaps the security level of some posts might change… I don’t think that total removal is a good thing… but then, I’m a pack-rat…and I enjoy going back and seeing what I was thinking about or looking at during a different time.

note – I am not deleting! sorry if it looked that way!