Sweetie’s having a gals’ night out tonight, so I think I will go hoof it up to see Grand Funk Railroad… they come on at 8:30, so I think I’ll have time to grab a conch fritter or three, and bring the ol’ camera with me.

See you kids later… maybe nighty-night, dear journal.

another linkie to thinkie on. Hate and Evil disguised as logic is an ugly business.

People like this give me a headache.


But it is always illuminating to get a glimpse of the thought processes of people that don’t agree with you. It is also an education in the rational reasonableness of some rather extreme views. They don’t foam at the mouth or use INAPPROPRIATE CAPITALS or end every other statement with numerous exclamation points!!!! They use a spellchecker and correct punctuation, and if speaking would probably use a conversational tone.

And yet… Lewis Goldberg – “Promoting Abnormality”… has the lovely section:

“Through the last hundred and fifty years or so, we have been told that if we only accept such-and-such, this nation will be a better place. We abolished slavery, and the nation was no better off. We let women vote, and the nation was no better off. We forcefully desegregated society, and the nation was no better off. We flung the doors open to mass immigration of heathen, and the nation was no better off. We broke down the barriers of employment to women, and the nation was no better off.”

Note that none of these sectors of the general population (one of them constituting at least 50% of humanity) are considered to be a part of “the nation.” Apparently “the nation” isn’t black or female or anyone but his particular political or religious belief born in the US. *We* abolished slavery and *We* allowed women to vote and *We* graciously allowed those goshdarn heathens to take up residence and pay taxes and become citizens here, but *We* (the nation) are no better off.

That section could be delivered at the top of the lungs at a beer hall or in front of a burning cross and feel right at home, but it just slides on by when delivered in a conversational tone of voice. The guy questions the wisdom of abolishing slavery in the year 2002 and I doubt very many will call him on it. Ugh. How sickening is that? This guy gives freedom of opinion a bad name.

Freaky Bottomless Pit

ELLENSBURG A topographic map spread on the hood of a car showed where the search party would start. There is a hole out there, they believe, a hole that not only appears to be bottomless but has, on at least one occasion, brought an animal back to life.

The hole, the story goes, exists outside of town on land once owned by a man who calls himself Mel Waters. For years, he said, it was used as the neighborhood dump for trash, old appliances, dead cattle. When the hole never filled up, Waters measured its depth by lowering weighted fishing line into it. After 80,000 feet, he gave up. Amazed by this odd place (which dogs and birds avoided), Waters called radio host Art Bell, whose late-night show on conspiracies and the paranormal attracts a huge national audience.

More info at the article, but due to the presence of a fella named Brian Christ of Ellensburg, the article also included some of my favorite lines:

“Christ was clearly nervous. He’d heard what Waters said happened after he went public – that soldiers in yellow gear cordoned off his property and threatened to “find” a drug lab on it if he didn’t cooperate.”


“At base camp, Christ had big news.”

Totally unrelated… or is it? Even apples and oranges are tasty edible fruit. Want to be a Superhero, for real?

Saw a lovely Russian couple at the laundry… young and in love…really enjoying each other’s company, conversing and laughing together. I’m so nosy…I wish I knew what they were gabbing about, but my Russian is limited ot about five phrases, da, and pravda. If they ever have kids, they’ll be adorable… both of them had nice facial features.

This weekend is the seafood festival! How fast a year goes by… it seems like it was just a few weeks ago I was hearing about it packing up. Last night it was the Fabulons, then Otis Day was playing, and tonight it’s Grand Funk Railroad… maybe I’ll take a walk down there tonight if the mood takes me. Heh…in St. Auggie, it’s the cabbage and potato festival… I’d rather go there. *urp* The air and sea show is coming, too… I wonder if I’ll go this year, now that I have a camera.

Oh! I found a piccie of the mall of the dead’s beginning…soon I suspect it will return to the dirt from which it rose.

Maybe I can get Danny to go with me to the Cranberries concert on 6/1?

When I was young I used to wait on master, And hand him his plate, And pass the bottle when he got dry, And brush away the blue tail fly

Cracking corn today, no work save for laundry…I started singing it after watching Bugs Bunny do it in a cartoon. I suppose I should get cracking on the wash, just to get it out of the way. No point in having the sword of damocles hanging over my head if I can help it.

Well, perhaps I’ll waste a little time by passing on a couple of widely believed scientific “facts” that are actually false… until proved otherwise again.

The age-old study in which they trained planarians to go through a maze, and then fed the trained planarians to untrained planarians and noticed that the recently-fed planarians learned the maze much more quickly than a control group of unfed planarians. No explanation was ever found for this property of flatworms.

Much later, another group of researchers figured out why this was. The fed planarians weren’t assimilating memories, they were simply better-fed than the control group, and so they learned faster.

I think it was just so embarrassing a find that it was largely ignored, and textbooks in the know stopped using the flatworm learning as an example of the scientific method. Of course, cannibals who eat their associates’ brains so as to gain their wisdom are largely ignorant of this fact as well, and they keep on using planarians to justify their actions.

Also, subliminal advertising doesn’t work…