Chupa shot her mouth off at one of the girls in accounting… and the girl told her to shove it, and quit!

Chupacabra’s in Trrrrrouble!! She just got another talking to about attitude about two weeks ago… I don’t think she’s going to get fired over it, but if she raises a stink, she might. It’s a real pity about the girl in accounting… but she went right from here to the ex-bosses’ new business… Our parent company won’t be very happy with this at all.

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Newtcam is off-ski for the night.

current bus-ride project:

doodle a “day in the life”. This morning I got up to the production meeting (1pm)… ideally, this means the doodle-day will be done by Wednesday.

Newtcam is on.

Also, I read somewhere that the professions that had the highest per capita with membership in the Masons were lawyers… and circus people. Now I’m getting an image of Bozo stalking the streets and alleys of Whitechapel — with a subpoena.

keep an eye on my baby while I’m at work!


I was nice walking about with the sun rising swiftly in the background.

some lj’er linked to me that has nearly 5000 people listed on his friend’s list…there is *no* way that he could keep up with that, even if he had a staff helping out.

Walpurgisnacht (or May Day, or Beltane) is coming… I wonder how many people I read will be celebrating in some way? Maypoles?

last night’s dreams were buried deep, but I must’ve slept very still… Newt was curled behind my leg, and was very warm… It took great effort to get up without stirring him too much. Eep, just ran a hand over my jaw… forgot to shave. I’ll take care of that little detail, and then head off to work.

See you tonight, dear journal.

a couple of quiz results