no april fools, save for a couple of ljers…. ah, bliss! :)

Well, I got to the doctor at 1:10, they saw me by 2:45ish. (for my 1pm appt), they seemed happy with my back, but are having me come back again in two weeks for another once-over. (this time, I made an appointment for 9am, so I can get to work on time….I hope) the cab took another hour or so to come get me in the torrential downpour, only to bring me to work that was having major breakdowns of its own. hardware faults, network faults, dale out sick, karen having a heck of a time. bleh.

I’m glad the day is over… I think I’ll turn in early, with a good book, some champa smoke, and fresh, clean sheets. maybe some soft, flame-colored purr-monster will help me to sleep, too.

nifty thing, though… saw a costumed mario-like superhero, and he gave me a coupon for some pizza… a “little ceasar’s” knockoff…. how good can $5 large pizza be? (you can bet I’ll find out, though… you never know… it could be great.)

Hey! Mario's moonlighting! I bet he thinks he's sooooo sexy.

[edit- pictures here – mario moonlighting]

If it’s not raining too hard tomorrow morning, I’m going walkies… it started coming down like gangbusters this morning, and didn’t stop until I got to work, again. turned off and on like on tap…I wonder if mario jet did ok? It must’ve been hot in that suit, to start. I bet it’s hard to hawk pizza, and fight crime in the florida weather.

on and off, examples within minutes of each other, and another mario.

not an april fool’s joke

speaking of foom-a-looma’s Pikachu dream

Children identify Pokemon more easily than animals

Pokemon “creatures” are far more recognisable to the average eight-year-old than animals and plants.

pikachu & badger

A study found that British children were better able to identify characters from the card game than their own native species. They were more likely to remember names like pikachu, metapod, muk and wigglytuff than mouse, otter, beetle and oak tree.

And now, I’m off! Happy April-day, dear Journal.

Back to the Doc for me at 1pm for a followup…. let’s hope it doesn’t take four flippin’ hours today… I’d like to get some work done.

Additional…got a call from the company that provides service for my CPAP… my insurance doesn’t cover *that* either. Blue Cross / Blue Shield does… so that’s the final clincher. I switch over in 2 weeks.

I was up late, and woke early this morn, from the phone call first thing…jarred from sleep, I don’t remember even a shred of last night’s dreams… but I was comfortable in my rest.

Louie Anderson is a little disturbing to me, on family feud.

beluga whaleA teacher is taking care of 17 dogs, all that live in her house! I don’t know… that’s kind of weird. She says it’s like having kids…. I’d think adopting 17 kids would be very difficult, too.A phys ed teacher, she takes them all to work with her, which is very cool. More power to her, I say, but I’d hate to have to clean that house. I don’t like the cage enclosures. The money and time it takes to care for 17 dogs… I can’t imagine that on a teacher’s salary.

I think some folks just really dig the unconditional love that a dog will give.

Hey… they moved “that’s my baby” to a half hour later for each showing. It’ll be about a beluga whale.

Reprint from this time last year…. My feelings on april fools and the sort of sillies I do like.

the reprint:

Scotto does not like April fool’s day jokes.

I have been known to go wookie on folks (that I don’t love… my brother and girlfriend could probably get away with it, but they’re too sweet to do so) that play them on me, or hurt those I love with them. Practical Jokes just aren’t funny.

So, fair warning, people of Earth. Don’t monkey with me, because I will enforce a karmic retribution so heinous and vile, you’ll wonder how I was kept from being locked up for this long.

WWF, eat your heart out.

An old newspaper clipping form my days as a midget wrestler… before my growth spurt ruined my career.

ah, sadly the text is lost, but a photo remains. when puberty hit, my body sprouted a bushel of hair (I’ve had the goatee since infancy…) and I grew another 3 and a half feet inside of a year. Ah well…wrestling is fake and for yahoos anyway. 🙂

My old gear –

From: Boston, Mass
Entrance: Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Height: 4’3″
Weight: 70
Finisher + Description: Spinning Splash. A Snuka type splash with 180 degree rotation.
Style: high flyer
Description: Pointed hat, blue cape, weightlifter tights (all blue with yellow stars), sandals.
Medical: Achondroplasia
Quote:I’m drinking my milk! One day, you’ll be sorry!

There IS a wrong way to eat a Reese’s Peanut-Butter Cup.

i wish i was a glow worm
a glowworm’s never glum
’cause how can you be grumpy when the sun shines out your bum?

Thus Endeth the reprint. I think I’m a softer bear this year. If someone pulls a dumb ol’ gag on me this year, I’ll just say to the offender “You know, you should think twice about that stuff… someone might take it the wrong way, and do something awful to you in return.” in an earnest, friendly (and non-threatening) voice, and let it drop from there. I don’t have as much of a growly streak as I had a year ago. I thank my sweetheart for that… However, I’m still quite defensive of those I care for. Strong paternal instincts, I guess. (Or maybe even maternal, where Newt is concerned.) I’ll still go wookie on the behalf of my beloved.