the crap you find on the internet….

The Roman goddess of Excrement was Caca?

I’d always thought it was Sterculius?

Hey, just a dang minute. Are they saying that chocolate and Coca-Cola are products of plants named for the Roman god of feces?

From Sterculiaceae

“Sterculiaceae, or the Cacao Family, is a chiefly tropical family. The family is not of primary agricultural importance, but there would be no chocolate, cola or cocoa if the family did not exist. Sterculia, the largest genus in Sterculiaceae, is comprised of about 300 species. It derives its name from Sterculius, the Roman god of privies, on account of the smell of the flowers and leaves of certain species. Stercus means “dung” in Latin.”

Yeah, I guess so. Ewwww….

How would you descecrate a feces gods’ temple? Clean it up?

ok, back from the garden store….(at my local Kmart… having a wicked sale.)

here’s a list of what I picked up.

For Newton – catnip and catgrass.

For me – sweet alyssum, dwarf dill, dwarf parsley, sweet basil, cilantro, and oregano

also picked up some other planting needs… a few small pots and soil.

Now, to mix the seeds, and figure how I’ll keep Nosy Newtie out of the stuff. I’ll probably have to barricade it somehow.

Neat..l just realised that I planted as the moon’s waxing.

middle earth poll

ah… awake again. a hot shower and reading did the trick, knocking me out for a couple of hours. I’m just playing in digital paint, making skins for supers, and generally goofing off. I’m going ot head to the garden center pretty soon today to pick up a few seeds and such.

phrase that makes me laugh…. “deep within the bowels” of anything, including the earth.

still not asleep

I don’t know why my brain won’t shut off, or at least slow down.

perhaps a walk is in order. I’ll try hitting the sack again, and if I don’t start snoozing, I’ll go to the beach to watch sunrise.

[update] – It’s raining, and lightning out. I’ll be staying indoors.

Cats in Libraries A searchable map of libraries from around the world that have a cat in residence.

Hee, they mention Bookings…. he lived there when Doug was working there. A staffer eventually took her home to live, though.

Remember the art-o-mat? Now, a poetry publisher that not only puts out an online journal, but also distributes poems via gumball machines. As of now there’s only 7 Gumball Poetry machines worldwide, mostly in the Western US, but they’re ready to make more. Next time you’ve got a quarter jinglin’ in your jeans skip the gum and get some free verse instead. (personally, I prefer more visual arts in a vending machine, but it could be fun… I would prefer happy, or glowy poetry.)

The Nonverbal Dictionary of Gestures, Signs, & Body Language Cues. Items in this Dictionary have been researched by anthropologists, archaeologists, biologists, linguists, psychiatrists, psychologists, semioticians, and others who have studied human communication from a scientific point of view. What exactly does it mean when someone touches their face, licks their lips, or dodges their eyes? You’ll find the answers in this huge compendium.. The most complete collection of body language you’ll ever come across. I could flip through this thing for hours. maybe I’ll synch it to the palm.