found my hair-ties, by the way. in with newt’s milk-rings. I forgot I gathered ’em up for fumigation.

plans for tomorrow… I’m going to get up at daybreak…start doing the walk earlier, again. before 8:30… it’s going to start getting hot, soon.

Air conditioning died tonight at work at about 6pm…got pretty dang warm from 6:30 on.

I’ve started listening again to old dragnet episodes after hours at work… ol’ Joe Friday has really got a range of positions… narcotics, homicide, price gouging TV repairmen, and bunko artists all cross his caseload.

Bunko is a great word…right up there with shenanigans.

Bunko Shenanigan’s!

It’s another one of those goofy TGIfridays/Ruby Tuesday’s sort of “family themed” restaurants!

I’m going to make a note of that and use it as a location sometime.

“Land of Wind and Ghosts”… theme graveyard Chinese food place

Trying to come up with some snappier names for the regions of my website,

Sea Cave / Beach / Gentle path? (Links to other Sites), Wall Scrawls (Journal, Writings), Cave Paintings (Cam / Graphic Art), Grotto (Main/ News, Possibly Host LJ there?), Bone Pile (Completed Projects / Cam Archive), Fire Pit (Projects in the works)

I rather like the Green / Tan / Orange text on my LJ… I think that I’ll propagate it over to the home site, for the time being… It may be a little Autumnal, but I rather like the blend.

I discovered that you can in your LJ settings configure your page to only show the “Community Icon” for the communities that you have on your friend’s list… I’m going to make a point of updating and ‘s bios to reflect that as an added disclaimer for people with more delicate sensibilities (like myself) that’d just as soon not see inappropriate graphics pop up there. I’ll be keeping the Normal settings on my own site just so I can make sure I can stay on top of things as moderator, but the hut will be adjusted accordingly, for folks that decide to link in there directly. I wonder if I twiddle the hut’s settings if it’ll stop everyone’s icon form popping up elsewhere? Easiest way to find out is to try, I think. It might get folks to use the secondary icon I’ve plugged in over there, too.

Where did I put my hair-ties?

I watched about half of Rose Red last night… and only got to bed at all because the other half stopped downloading. 🙂 Good flick thus far, though I would’ve waited for the whole thing had I known I only had half of it… as it stands, the first half was three hours long. So far, it’s an excellent production.

It’s loosely related to this place – somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for years.

Well, off to work… until later, dear journal.

Got caught in a summer shower during this morning’s walk…it came out of nowhere… warm rain on a sunny day. I’m going to have to put my camera in a Ziploc bag if I’m going to go roaming with it this next month or two.

Does anyone remember when cam was another word for cog? like “cam shaft”? I walked past the body shop, and it took me a second to clear the cobwebs enough to understand why an auto parts place would have a special on cams… (I assumed it was a web camera at first.) Too much time immersed in net-jargon I suppose.

I still miss my Newtie-navbar…I’m going to implement it on my new homepage, I think, just so I can have it back.

Two years ago today – poetry. A year ago, haiku. Time to get back into writing.

I’m glad to see the is getting some use again… it went a little dormant for a while, but a few new users seem to have breathed some fresh life into it.

Form of… a sucky movie! – Warner Bros. Pictures has teamed with Gaylord Films to option the rights to the Hanna-Barbera characters the Wonder Twins, with plans to make a live-action family feature.

That’ll probably change after the Scooby movie bombs. (I’m guessing it will… maybe it’ll be a blockbuster… who knows?)

and now, a moment of Zen.

In a grove of tall bamboos
Beside an ancient temple
Steam rolls from the brazier
In fragrant white clouds.
I’ll show you the path of Sages
Beyond this floating world,
But will you understand
The lasting taste of spring?

– Baisao (1675-1763)