the powerpuff girls movie is rated PG?

Rated PG for non-stop frenetic animated action.

hmm… I do like being able to see why films are rated the way they are.

bob marley’s life is fascinating… I have to ask dale about some of the places in jamacia. 🙂

at ten tonight I’m going to forage for a little dinner-nibble, unless I get to gab with mah sweetie… shared pizza with my bro at about 5… I only had two slices, though, so I’ve got the hungries again. The fridge has a 2 liter of coke, a 2-liter of water, about 4 bites of chinese food from last nights dinner (General tso’s tofu…. good stuff!)and a cold-pack in it.. I have plenty to eat in the cupboard, though. I just feel too lazy to open cans or packets. I’m of a mind to meander a little.,

hmm.. if I was on the floor, unable to move… newt would be a comfort, but not good at getting help.

I just did a drill… lay on the floor, moan, and say “ugh! Newt! I’m down! get help, boy!”

unlike lassie… He curled up at my ear and gave me kitty-kisses.

so much for teaching him how to hit 911 on the speed-dial.

well, at least I’ll have snuggles. 🙂

things to get the landlord to take care of –

check for roof leaks.. possibly a suspect place in the walk in closet.
repair/replace screen in bathroom

all told, not too bad for a building that was put together in the 30s.

the morning came with a soft rain this morning… waking up in the same bed in a new place.

Newt dealt well with the first night… alternating between laying with me and hopping around the room, settling atop the TV or the windowsills.

here’s the latest newtcam piccie – I may need to make some new icons… my peace and newt ina circle are from no-nose’s… the others are from the last place. I should update. 🙂