I reckon I’ll have a Killian’s or two tonight… cheers!

Well… Danny’ll be off starting on Tuesday… I hope to get a good weekday or two in with him while it’s summertime. This week is out, though, considering doctor’s visits, work, and the fumigation.

Off the top of my head-

things that made me smile recently

  • thoughts of her
  • health of loved ones
  • running water
  • weather balloons
  • martial arts on trampolines
  • hide and seek with Newtie
  • white go-go boots
  • knowing the Lone Ranger wouldn’t have much werewolf trouble
  • tattoo scabs
  • the fruitiness of cricket (the “sport”)
  • choco-chip cookies
  • a beer glass that has “you have just been poisoned” printed on the inside bottom

I’ve never been to an actual “Tunnel of Love” at a carnival… only seen them on 60s TV shows. Do they still exist? Did they ever, outside of TV?

Well, I’m back, even earlier than I suspected. No meal with the movie, but Dave did bring some tasty chocolate chip cookies. (No funny stuff, just cookies…)

The movie wasn’t bad… it certainly held my focus for two hours. It’s weird seeing a pre-Hunt for Red October Jack Ryan… Played by Alec Baldwin there and also Harrison Ford a couple of times. I wonder how much it varied from the book… Since Tom Clancy is from Maryland, there was a lot of MD stuff happening, some of it quite distressing, as I have loved ones living there. (Speaking of Which… there’s supposed to be rain all next week there, according to my sources at Yahoo and Valhalla.)

I look forward to spending a little quality time tonight with my sweetie, if all goes to plan. I’m awake, though my eyes look tired. I was going to order out, but now, I think I’ll work on some of the food I have in the pantry. A nice supper of veggies and rice should do the trick nicely.

More inconsiderate BS… apparently they’re going to fumigate the house on Thursday morning… the first I’ve heard about it is today, via the neighbors. I went out to restock on food, and he couldn’t bother to leave a note for me? Sakes, what is wrong with these people? Both the new and old landlords need to get their collective stuff together… as it stands now, I’m going to be spending Thursday night at a hotel, and I’m trying to figure what the best plan of action to take with Newt is… Either board him at the vet, (which I’d prefer not to do)…Sneak him into a hotel with me overnight (Most preferred) or keep him in the private office at work overnight (better than boarding him… he’s familiar with the place, anyhow.) Option #2 is most likely. I *really really* dislike it when there’s a deadline for something coming up, and people don’t let me know, or notify me at the last minute…. All it takes is leaving a note or a voice mail… not hard.

Heaven help ’em if I’d have come home Thursday night to a tented apartment with Newt inside. Just thinking about it gives me a fit. Now I have a cupboard full of food, that has to be packaged up, too… I’d have gotten by on what I had, and polished it off if I’d known. That reminds me… take the Newt food with on Thursday to the hotel… don’t want him eating any more pesticide than usual. I’d sooner donate what’s on my shelves to a food bank than take it all out and double bag it… I have all kinds of rice and noodles, dried beans and teas that are subject to getting fumed.

Dave should be by inside the next thirty minutes or so… I’m just glad that I’m social with my neighbors.

okie doke… change of plans. going to go see the matinee (4pm) Sum of All Fears with Dave this afternoon. I reckon I’ll be home by 7 at the latest.

Good news, the bro won his ticket case, the cop didn’t even show up, and risk management is certainly going to take care of his damaged body and bike. Ideally, they’ll take care of his lost wages, too.

someone’s pointing to Newtcam via a private entry. I hope they’re saying nice things about him!

I looked briefly at an apartment on my street, but it wasn’t my thing. It was nice, except for the bathroom… the tub needed to be replaced, and I was sort of weirded out that the last tenant had put a deadbolt on the door to the john. I wonder what caused that? It was a double-key lock…no manual latch on either side did he lock himself in, and other people out? Worse, my imagination went off on a tangent about locking other people in there. It gave me heebie-jeebies enough to make me decide to pass on the place. I paid the landlord for the month of June yesterday, and verified that he did indeed have a full month’s rent as a deposit, should I decide to vacate with less than a month’s notice, it could go towards my last month’s rent.

The insidious VCR Threat of 1982

Read carefully. Then substitute the word “Internet” for every instance of “VCR”, and you’ll have Jack Valenti’s assessment of our current “crisis”

Sony Music Lobbies for Ban on Markers
Following up on a story on how markers can be used to defeat music CD copy protection:

Washington DC – Ralph Hughes of Sony Music testified in the Senate today urging lawmakers to enact legislation which would ban felt tip markers. “These innocuous looking writing instruments are the scourge of our society,” he said holding up a Sharpie. “Not only can this black stick of death be used to violate the DMCA, but it could also be used to write the instructions to incubate the anthrax virus.”

Remember: it’s only a joke until they do it for real.

Reading my “friendsfriends” list… interesting…found the world’s smallest website. very cute.

Got an anonymous flame last night… I suspect it was a random surfer, and I don’t think he’ll be back again. Random abuse is just alien to me… I’m not angry or upset, just befuddled.