All the dust… little pieces of me and Newt, swirling around as I navigate my almost totally packed apartment, form places that have been hidden for only a year.

Time for a shower, and then a continuance.

9:30 tomorrow morning, the Scotto-squad arrives to help me tote that barge.

Nice night of sleepies.

Newt is smarter than a monkey… he knows that the moon is in the sky, not it’s reflection in a body of water. But he still prefers to drink from the basin where I wash my face and brush my teeth to the water-bowl by his food.

Payday! How wonderful to have my coffers refilled!

a long overdue moment of Zen:

In quiescence I hear the
Cinnamon blossoms fall.
When night comes,
The Spring mountains are silent.
Suddenly the moon appears
From behind the clouds
And startles the young birds;
By the mountain stream they chirp and chirp.

– Wang Wei (701-761)

and your moment of poop.

My political compass – (wow.. a few years ago, the eye for an eye question I’d have strongly agreed to, now I disagree strongly.)

Economic Left/Right: -2.62
Authoritarian/Libertarian: -3.18

Well, I fall into the same quadrant as Ghandi, but I’m not as economically communist (state-planned economy isn’t my thing), so I guess that’s not bad. some similar minded authors.

Danny’ll be along in a bit for breakfast, so it’s off to the showers, dear journal.