two years ago

“The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.”
-Ben Franklin

one year ago

My face has been scraped, the body soaped, steamed, pressed and rubbed. A healthy poop evacuated, and a breakfast composed of french toast, juice and coffee is due in about an hour. (I’ve decided to reward Danny for driving me all over creation by buying him breakfast before we get down to brass tacks.) I’m playing milk ring fetch with Newtie… he didn’t want to snuggle this morning, too much in pounce-mode. I don’t know why he gave up on paperwads, but I’m really happy he resumed milk rings and twist-ties.

Going to seek out apartments before work. I really hope something avails itself to me today.

Hee… some things don’t change much with time… except for a link’s validity.

Little Red Monkee is still available. I love my little red monkee.

Give the Gift of Moo reports: (supplemental links by me)

Fourteen cows were given to the people of the United States this week by members of a Masai tribe who live in a remote village near Kenya’s border with Tanzania. The tribe sent the cows — the most precious gift they can give — to help America recover from the terrorist attacks nearly nine months ago.

Hot diggity, that’s cool. There’s a website where us ‘mericans can express our thanks, although I wonder how the Masai would get to it.

Masai are a fascinating people… one of the cultures I’ve been interested in for a little span now.

How can a person stay annoyed when there’s a Newtie in the house? 🙂 I just spent a few minutes chasing him around here, and being chased in return. good for the circulation and giggles are good for the soul. Sweeping him up and nibbling on Newt-ears is just the thing to bring a smile on… that and my sweetheart. I just look into my heart and see her there… a warmth and strength rallies me to good cheer.