Liked on YouTube: The Rockford Files Gag Reel

This is a tribute to the cast and crew of the “Rockford Files” TV series. During the last and final season 6 (1979 – 1980) we had a wrap party, and this is the video I edited to share at the party. Being a film/video editor, it was a pleasure to be part of the crew in those fun days working directly for Jim Garner, a true talent and nice guy. If you didn’t know the next shot to cut to, you could always cut to him for a great reaction, always pure gold! The voice overs in the sound track were that of producer/writers Steve Cannell, David Chase, Juanita Bartlett, and Chas. Floyd Johnson. I was the voice that took the wrath of Jack Klugman when he found the narration had already been done by Dennis Weaver (gag).