The taffy brigade

Printing in super tiny text on d&d size minis, with .2 layer flow and day glow yellow filament makes for a less than optimal visual experience. Maybe if I do it on gray, with a thinner layer size, and possibly black or bright white to fill certain details like the text and skeleton bones? As it is, it looks like a low-detail laffy taffy.

Names on these tests were Scotto, Ray and Kat in different fonts, subtracted and sliced on orca slicer.

Once I get these figured (if I get ’em sussed out), maybe I put them in a place of honor in a gaming graveyard somewhere nice. (I’d like to do versions for all my game group pals from the past… Pam, Rick, James, (not Rick James, though), April, Cathy, Danny, Alex, Trina, Rachel, Renata, Jav, Brian, Mark, Steve, Brent, Dave, Shaun, Allison and whoever else comes to mind. Plenty to fill a boneyard of fun memories. Maybe send a few of them off, too. I still owe folks a skeleton army that I printed up before we moved, and a few other bits and bobs.

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