Feb 7 2024

Day 20,093 Good grief, winter isnt being verg wintery this afternoon. Mid 70sF, clear, nobody out and about really, save for the usual ducks and geese who have been pretty ubiquitous on the river and ponds this week. I reckon the ducks were happy for how balmy things were, though I wouldn’t mind one more day of light snow. Ah well, I can wait until next winter if I must. Maybe Punxy Phil was on his game this year. I wasn’t up for a massive expedition, but a few steps to get blood to my extremities seemed reasonable. Some lady yelled at another car while I was roaming around the water, to the tune of “aren’t you a little old to be driving that badly?” I didn’t see what caused the expletive to come out, but I thought if was a weird turn of phrase. Was she trying to insult his age and his driving at the same time? It sounded weird and cumbersome when she was yelling it, like she changed what she was saying midsentence. #doodle #walkies #ducks #geese #salemva #warmweather #feb072024 https://www.instagram.com/p/C3D9KFXuj76/?igsh=ZDY4M3pqb2x3eHV3