Feb 29 2024

Day 20,115 First day of physical therapy, my guide (trainer? Nurse?) Was a guy named Jake and he had arms like a blacksmith. Very good at teaching safety and fundamentals, I have homework before I go back next week. Pearl was very happy when I got home, she’s not used to me taking off right after giving her breakfast. When I finally sat down on the couch after my shower, she ran up my lap and gave a hearty pile of headbutted and was very appreciative of ear rubs. Looking forward to some pain relief and some more flexibility. #doodle #physicaltherapy #misspearl #catsofinstagram #tabbycatsofinstagram #stripedcatsofinstagram #roanokeva #feb202024 #leapday https://www.instagram.com/p/C38r0cUu3Kj/?igsh=eWp0aXB2anN1dDNj

Hibernation season is over

Well, winter has certainly taken a bit of a toll…I certainly indulged and now with march here, it’s time to work off some of the extra padding I’ve gained over halloween/tg/xmas/birthday season.

Physical therapy is a good start, but it is time to get on my regimen of daily exercise and cut down on the excess munchies.  Already cut out one bad habit of late night snacks.

I’ve exaggerated more than a little bit in my doodle, thank goodness, but it is how I feel today. Good inspiration to do something and have a reminder to act on it.

#doodle #bear #weight #roanokeva