Feb 27 2024

Day 20,113

Roamed in the forest of memories a lot today while I did chores and ran errands. Funny how much I remember,  and how much that I don’t. I can still envision some the faces of folks I haven’t seen in years, the laughter of some, the distinct scent of places, what the ridge on Newton’s head between his ears would feel like when I gave him a little lovey kitty rub… and then there are huge gaps of time that are just a blank. I can’t remember certain teacher’s names or faces, short of the most basic details. I’m sure some things have completely evaporated,  like my English teacher in the tenth grade. I read a ton of books that year, and I recall the plots and character names, but the teacher is a total void.

I wonder if talking to folks I knew both then and now, if they would spark even a little recall? My old gaming groups… I remember those that I hung out with for years, but then there are others that I remember only the name of , like Tony and Elaine who are just bookmarks for events. I don’t even remember any of Elaine’s characters,  and I only remember Tony’s Silver Hammer guy because the name has a Beatles hook.

I remember a only a couple of  things from the first 10 years of life, more from the second, and a bit more from the third, fourth and fifth, though some things blur and are colored by time and brain.

I’m glad that I have a lot more photos and am able to reach out more through social media now, but some things are gone forever. I don’t know if many photos from my teenage years exist…thankfully I have some from my 20s and onward,  and I’ve inherited a few from when I was little from family and friends sharing. I’d like to have a photo of my brother and some of my pals from every year… I think kids these days are really fortunate that every phone has a camera now, and that everyone has a phone. (However much that might be a double edged sword otherwise)

I’m glad that I’ve kept a journal online with public and private entries that I can go back to every now and then, but that really only starts in 1998. I’ve got paper notebooks from earlier, but not a lot of photos.

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