Feb 19 2024

Day 20,105 3d printer is currently down, and back is kicking at the moment so going under the hood out in the cave is not in the stars at the moment. It is a simple fix (hoprfully), just one at an oddball angle. Just as well, worked a bit on getting taxes done today, did laundry, unpacked a little bit, and rested on the ol’ heating pad with a side of pain meds. Mrs is working late in the office upstairs, but once she logs off, I think we are going to do homemade burrito wraps for supper. I think that there is a jar of jalapenos in the cupboard, and that might be just what I need to set me right. Until later, doodle journal. #doodle #cryptid #dinner #3dprinting #health https://www.instagram.com/p/C3jIwSYMk0P/?igsh=MWxiaG9md3lwMnhvMw==