Dream last night, fragment.

I was back, living at home, and my folks were together… I must’ve been about 14, I guess. It was late, and I was up for some reason, and I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye… I looked to investigate, and saw a tripwire made out to dental floss… I followed the string to a bomb… a ridiculously large blasting cap attached to a 2 or 3 lb bit of c4… crazy amounts of explosive…I think that’s enough to level a city block or something. My dad’s signature was on the clay…I looked up and saw him high-tailing it from the room. My mom was sleeping in the other room, unaware of the whole situation… I woke up my brother, and her… we left the house and it collapsed shortly thereafter.. weird booby traps were all over the neighborhood, pits filled with spikes and trees hiding spring-loaded scything blades…. I recall escaping into the jungle, but I don’t know where my mom and brother went… it didn’t occur to me to note them missing at the time.

Ended up at the beach, my beach, not the one by the old house.

That’s all I remember.

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