Feb 6 2024

Day 20,092 Went for walkies down by the duck pond again today. Lots of sweet geese, more than a few ducks, and very few humans milling about. I remembered change this time, so the birds got some snacks, courtesy of the vending machines next to the water. A little bit chillier today, and looking at the water reminded me of an old “suicide squad meets doom patrol / misfits of science / legion of substitute heroes” game back in the 90s. One of my characters was a guy named Zeo whose body was comprised of a sentient liquid, with a power set to match- some ice powers, a little TK usable only on liquids, some shapeshifting to get through small spaces and stretching to do a watery / ice punch, could cover himself with a hard shell of ice, create ice sculptures, etc. I’m trying to remember some of the other guys now, without going back to my old GURPS notebooks. I had a bouncing boy sort of guy named parabola, Kat had a weirdo gadgeteer in a top hat on a pogo stick named Spring, I think Pam’s character was either Minglegrin or Screaming Blue Messiah, (or both?), Rick played a poltergeist simply named Der Geist. #doodle #goose #duck #gaming #rpg #zero #rayc #katc #pamm #rickl https://www.instagram.com/p/C3Bf429L2fi/?igsh=cDJlaWJpbGpiZ2p2

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