Apr 9 2024

Day 20,155

Just a grumpy Apeonaut in a corridor, wondering where his bag of juice is.

Today was a pretty standard Tuesday.

Let’s see, what were the good things about today?

I learned that @hang10iceandcream reopens on Friday (some dandy french fries and Dole Whip in our future)!

I turned off the TV’s auto-smoothing (watching Dinosaur with it on was making me a little dizzy).

I learned the word “judder” – to shake violently or with great force (possibly a mix of “jolt” and “shudder”?).

I found out that Amy is coming back to visit at the beginning of July!

I found a new place to go for walks; I may get out there tomorrow or Thursday.

Pearl snoozed briefly on my head last night. (She usually is Max’s pillow-pal.

#doodle #apeonaut #hang10