Apr 16 2024

Day 20,162

Running errands yesterday and today, and the pollen was crazy! 🤧 The black pearl is covered with a fine dusting, and the nooks and crannies are even more caked with yellow particles.

Trees are spreading spores everywhere, and it’s giving folks hay fever. Yet another good reason to wear a mask. I wonder if the one I’m using now will yellow around the area where I inhale over the next few days?

Old phones are now back with Verizon, wiped and ready for wherever they go from here. Not sure what I will do with the 256-gig microSD card. Now I guess I can use it with a game emulator or the 3D printer for models… or maybe juice one of the Pi boxes up in space. I still want to build a Plex server, but that’ll be more of a NAS solution.

#doodle #cryptid #allergies #springtime #carwashsoon