April 15 2024

Day 20,161

Picked up some shaved ice for myself and my sweetie as a midday treat while I was out running errands today (dropping off recycling, FedEx shipping, picking up some lightbulbs from the hardware store, etc., etc., etc.).

Shaved ice was right up my alley, as it was in the mid-80s today, and I haven’t had it in ages—probably pre-COVID.

I got a tropical yum of orange, pineapple, and tangerine for myself, and a half-and-half mixed-berry, grape, and lime for her. (I let her choose, and she went with what I’d hoped she would like.)

It was a fortunate happenstance, because I had initially planned to get bubble tea and a sushi roll for us, but I had forgotten that the Lucky Cat Café is closed on Mondays.

Cooling my heels now, before we make some falafel for dinner.

Hope your Monday was as productive and pleasant, dear doodle journal.

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