Apr 17 2024

Day 20,163

Since I first thought about Nessie (or Chessie, or Champy, or Smithy), I’ve usually envisioned it as a “her”, and like to think that it has some sort of tentacle/antennae/horn dealie-bops on her forehead.

Smithy is an aquatic cryptid rumored to live in Smith Mountain Lake—a large reservoir created in the central highlands of Virginia in the United States by damming the Roanoke River in 1963. The first reported sightings of Smithy began in the summer of 1979. With few exceptions, most reported sightings have occurred very near the Smith Mountain Dam, either shortly after the warning alarms were sounded to signal the periodic activation of the dam’s hydroelectric turbines or while the turbines were running. While some locals speculate Smithy is an unusually large catfish, some sightings suggest this mysterious creature is more serpentine or reptilian in appearance.

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