wow. An electronic gun with no mechanical parts fires a million rounds per minute.

An Australian inventor has developed technology that can allow a machine-gun to fire at a rate equivalent to a million rounds a minute. Think about security systems, robot assassin drones, point defense against incoming missiles . . .

a few of the many reasons i love her.

first of all, I don’t need any reasons. 🙂

but, I thought I’d share a few of her more wonderful characteristics.

amazingly kind – she’s done volunteer work, helped troubled teens, and is a generous, patient, and understandng teacher.

skilled out the wazoo – traditional, graphic arts, dance, well read, gardening…a vast list of others, too numerous to list right now.

beautiful – soft eyes, lovely smile, magnificent hair, gorgeous form

smart – can carry on a conversation about anything, and is willing to a lost art.

witty – good at being goofy, and clever too. able to maintain my interest for hours and hours…


I’ve got it bad.

[edit – 2007 – amazing what a few years and the truth coming out will do. Ah well, I’m in a much more loving place now than ever before, with a woman that makes me giddy whenever I touch her hand.]