a thing I did as a college student.

I got completely blank postcards identical on both sides and requiring a stamp as they were not postage paid. I put the same message on both sides that said:

“You have recieved the notorious Postmaster’s Choice. On the opposite side of this card is an identical message addressed to someone else. This message got to you because whoever sorted the mail either saw the side with your address first or thought you would be a more worthy recipient for some unknown reason. There really isn’t any logic to this. The postcard may have just as well been thrown out as undeliverable, but it wasn’t.
Random chance has given you something. At the least it is something amusing to tell friends and neighbors. At most it could show you the beauty of chaos so that you may submit to it and in turn control it.


Pearl Harbor

On this day in 1941 Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was attacked by the Japanese at dawn. America was drawn into World War II with the surprise attack at 7:55 am, local time. Launched from six carriers, the 423 Japanese aircraft inflicted enormous damage against the U.S. Pacific Fleet, destroying several warships at their moorings and 188 aircraft on the ground.

In an attempt to stop a few posts before they start, I looked into a few sites about ‘fact or fiction’ regarding the event. Myths of Pearl Harbor has a few insights that are backed up by some research.