Christmas Blues

Another sign that Scotto is part sissy-girl:

Weeps at Christmas songs. My face runneth over with tears. At a friggin’ muppet song… ‘Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas’. What a big baby.

Missing my dad…a lot. It hurts, a lot.
Stupid… I should be remembering the good times, and having a smile on my face, happy to have had so many. That’s not what’s happening… I’m remembering the good times, and realising there won’t be any more with him, ever.

It’s been over a decade… when does this shit get easier? It still creeps up on me, and hits like a ton of bricks.

The lines to the song… “let your heart be light, troubles will be miles away…”

*long, sad, sobbing sigh*

Tears are what are needed now, I guess… smiles will follow, as spring follows winter.

Hell week doth continue.

today and tomorrow, that’s it. that’s enough.

Print server is broken. Today is going to be a less than stellar day, I sense. Had a nice night yesterday, wrapped up the evening with some AOK2. The kids that play at the zone are so high-strung, and rude… people just drop out without warning, or yell at new players… not a kindly way to act. I do look forward to a big 4v4 match though, especailly with my capable cohort in AOKing by my side. 🙂 even 2v2v2v2 would be quite spiffy.

anyhoo, back to work… I’ve got lots to do. (with in between times of very little).

be back later!

Arr! Ha ha ha ha!

Well, me blimey buckos, the day’s over, the pain is past and I feel like singing a LJ chantey.
Be lively, now, me Bonnie Raitts. Arr!
Ohh, slow Ell-Jay down, laddie, slow LJ down,
Way-hey! slow LJ down,
We’ll scuttle the server and run ‘er aground,
We’ll try so hard to slow LJ down.
Ohh, slow LJ down, laddie, slow LJ down,
Way-hey! slow LJ down,
With SQL, Timelag, and over-search clowns,
we’ll try so hard to slow LJ down.

I yam what I yam.

appended form palm, and tonight…

1:25pm – where the devil are they? I hope they’re ok. I assume it’s the unknown territory {I was right, they got lost} Geez, they need benches in front of the theatre here!

1:45 – they arrive. *phew* they’re not dead.

So, I met Tarpo and Isis… both are sweet folks, nice to talk to, and fun people. (listening to the CD Tarpo burned for me, what a hoot! Christmas songs of all manner and stripe.. most groovy. Fave is Rowlf & John Denver singing ‘Have yourself a merry little Christmas’, but they’re all phenom…

So, we talked about all sorts of stuff, toured the museum of cartoon art, got sodas, sat by the fountain, gabbed, walked a bit more, window shopped, saw a strange group of entertainers, including a little boy dressed as a top… and a woman singing just a wee bit off-key. we drove around a bit, got ot see the mall of the dead, the strip mall of sin… and ended up at Hops for a meal… (the home-brewed root beer was especially nummy.) After they got to swing past my hovel, and say hi to Newt…He was very friendly, if a bit agressive after many minutes of petting and photography. 🙂