other thoughts for tonight.

Games in my future –

More AOK2, of course! (wololo!!!)

got Red Alert 2 from Kevin for Xmas…

black & white looks neato…very pretty, and another empire building thing.

as does majestic!

Alice looks mean-spirited… saddens me. I saw a preview for it a few months ago, and it looked neat, now from the website I suspect I won’t be picking it up. mean.

woo. you kids have posted so much holiday hubbub… major scrollover. 🙂

I missed ‘A Christmas Story’ this weekend! TNT only had it running 24 hours straight! ack! I want a Zappelin. I hate Meatloaf!!

booby talk…

Noir got me thinking of something I heard read on Doctor Demento, years ago..

(of course I wrote it down, and have since committed it to memory…)

Dual prize packages of rounded richness, twin curved cones of bouncing fun flesh, matched mountains of youthful tanned quivering exciting femininity, titanic orbs of temptation, happy hemispheres of lust, jaunty jiggling rotundities of passion–in a phrase…MY kind of breasts! – Anonymous Adult Pulp Fiction Hack


Oh! and I made it in under the 24 hour mark! 🙂 *happy*