Angry Beavers on!

Dang, it’s still chilly in here…going to wrap up in a nice warm blanket or two, and get some comforting hot tea with lemon… not in a honey mood… I have a case of the nibbles, but there’s nothing of food value in the house. Maybe I’ll go get something after Angry Beavs. (or hopefully by then the hungries will have passed.)

*hugs Kitty for warmth, while watching the tube*

Journalling Spent some quality time with Danny yesterday. Saw the Dungeons & Dragons movie… was expecting a ‘2’ out of 10. Got it. It was bad, but a fun sort of bad… as we had the theatre to ourselves, Danny and I felt free to mock it heartily. Bad Acting. Bad Writing. Bad Directing, bad sound balance, pretty ok special effects. Convoluted storyline, and a wacky ending that made little sense. I played D&D back in the day, (1978-1984) and it was entertaining to see a few bones tossed to the gamer crowd. Nifty arbitrary shot of a beholder, and dimension door spell… things that surprised me were the number of Star Wars thematic rips, and the cheapness of the props and costuming… very cheesy. I can’t in good faith reccomend the film, and it probably won’t get much airplay once it hits cable/network availability.

Picked up some new shoes at the Birk store – fresh sandals, and some long overdue dress shoes. (the better to interview with, my dear…) afterwards, we hit the comic shop, to look for belated presents for Doug. Turns out the guy that owns the store is someone I worked at the bookstore with, back when I was in school! (it’s odd, I seem to keep bumping into him, the last time I saw him was in ’96, with Danny again, when he was working as a manager of a Kenny Rogers’ Roasters.) It’s weird, he’s seen me in a few permutations… sullen working scholar, putting myself through school, goofy mountain-man guy, just starting a gig as a programmer with full beard, looking like grizzley adams, and trimmed down hippie guy, with just a goatee…. styles change, as life goes by… didn’t sleep much last night, tried putting myself to snooze, but it took about 3 hours for me to drift to sleep. Newt was nestled in close, as it got pretty chilly out last night… plenty of warm spots for the baby, though… top of the TV, two monitors, and the cablebox, not to mention a good lap. 🙂

Happy Last Day of 2000. :)

In case I don’t see anyone later today or tomorrow, I want to wish all my LJ brethren a fantastic new year, and express my hopes that peace and comfort come to you all.

Got a date to watch Spongebob Squarepants with Ornj… *whee* 🙂

*sings –

Scotto: Are ya ready kids?
LJ boys & girls: Aye, Aye captain!
Scotto:I can’t heeeaaar yooouuu!
LJ boys & girls:AYE, AYE CAPTAIN!
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
LJ boys & girls:Sponge Bob Square Pants!
Scotto:Absorbent and yellow and porous is he.
LJ boys & girls:Sponge Bob Square Pants!
Scotto:If nautical nonsense be somethin’ ya wish.
LJ boys & girls:Sponge Bob Square Pants!
Scotto:Then drop on the deck and flop like a fish.
LJ boys & girls:Sponge Bob Square Pants!
All:Sponge Bob Square Pants,
Sponge Bob Square Pants,
Sponge Bob Square Pants,
Sponge Booob Square Paaants!

Scotto: Ah Ha Ha, Ha Ha Ha, Ha, hArgh wh..arire..Ha arrrigh.