I need to call Val up, and wish her a happy birthday.

Taking a moment to reflect on the good things.

I have three very important beings whom I love very much in my life, in different capacities, but they all bring a sort of power and happiness…. I’m healthy, all my parts work well within operating norms, and I can enjoy walking in my environment. I’m paid regularly to do work that while challenging isn’t back-breaking or repellant to me. There’s an embarrassment of wealth in my pantry… enough food for a village in most parts of the world. Clean water, indoor plumbing, an oven. I’m secure financially, in no monetary debt. I can read what I want, when I want, and the same goes for eating and speaking.

Not a bad scenario, really.

Alternating feast or famine… either a load of work, or nothing to do at all. Just staggered enough to prevent me from doing any real writing work. Eating bad food today, I’m going to have to start bringing more healthful snacks in again. (Hit up the roach coach for tea, and all they had that was palatable to me was orange Gatorade…here! have some brominated vegetable oil and ester of wood rosin! Doesn’t sound like food ingredients, but maybe a floor wax.) a nice cheese sub from Di’s later for a snack.

Commenced reading the _Tales of the Arabian Nights_ last eve… entertaining nest of stories. I’m sort of fond of the genius / genii over the more contemporary genie/genies. The tale of the doctor’s decapitated head, the vizier, and the golden book reminded me quite a bit of name of the rose. Some plot devices live eternal, it seems.

I’ve got to call the brother tonight, see how he’s doing, and if he’s in need of anything. When last we spoke he was in pretty good spirits, fortunately. I need to get all the vital information regarding the officer name, case number, etc.

That reminds me, still no more information on my cousin… to the best of my knowledge she’s doing ok, but is still on the mend.

I’m missing my sweetie, landlocked here at work and looking forward to seeing her later. I’m glad that I have her in my heart to get me through the day…but I miss chatting with her terribly. I’ve got some lovely Valentine’s day surprises lined up for her. 🙂 Hooray for overnight mail!

It appears that I’ll be cross-training over with Bonbon, the Bonbon spawn, and possibly others to help pick up the slack next door. I don’t foresee it being too much of a problem, except for folks having to make the time for training instead of working. That should be fun, save for more of the political infighting…. they defused a situation regarding Bonbon’s flipping out as a result of the one-two punch of internet denial and Chupacabra’s rumor-mongering. (Saying blatant untruths, because she doesn’t know what’s really going on…had Bon worried for her job over nothing.) She went off at the production meeting, and it took three people to bring her down from the anxious knot she’d tied herself into. It was literally to the point of her wailing about the rumor and the other meeting-folk assuring her that it wasn’t so for a good half-hour. I swear, we need a good human resources person. I think it’s time for me to maybe look again more carefully at other venues…meetings like that are why I don’t like this business.

back from walkies… cool, but nice. in the low 60s. I needed the walk to wake up, though I still have a case of the yawnies, at least my morning grogginess has passed. The fog surrounding my mind seemed especially thick earlier. I had a feeling that I could kick off of the sidewalk and just float up, and fly around a bit. I saw a few bleached shells and rocks, scattered on the ground… made me think about teeth, my walking on the jawline of some leviathan.

It’s officially the Year of the Horse

Lots of luck and red envelopes for everyone!

There’s a right way to cook a Palm Pilot and a wrong way. OK… there’s just a wrong way. Some senior exec got his Palm VII wet, put it in the oven to dry it and then proceeded to cook a pizza with the Palm still in the oven. Oopsie! Pictures of the aftermath are included.