You Do Your Own Dirty Work (via unka stevie)

Semi-inspired by ‘s globexplorer postSite Meter

The only thing more worrisome than a grand worldwide scheme plotted by mystic forces beyond understanding is a lazy bunch of forces that want you to do all the legwork. The Degree Confluence Project wants to find and photograph every intersection of lines of latitude and longitude. Why do they need this seemingly benign information? And why aren’t they willing to deal with the ones in the ocean? Just what are they trying to hide?

Actually, it’s quite cool.

here’s the one closest to me. If you’re reading this, how about showing me where you are? 🙂 (or as close as possible?)

Here I am

medic braceletWent to the ER this morning… Got the obligatory shot in the tushie of cortisone, and I’m mucho better.

woo. It was bad. got ‘scripts for norflex and anaprox.… hooray for medicine!

I’m happy that I went in… if I didn’t, I’d probably been in bad shape, and unsuitable for work on monday. I’m hoping the meds clear up the rest of the trouble by then.

Images from today are here.