Alphabetica Cyberia… hee… I know folks that believe the fluoride and argon ones to be real…from the fine folks at kuro5hin.

I didn’t go out to a movie tonight, as it was very rainy and a trifle chilly outside. Instead, I watched 5 deadly venoms from the comfort of home, with a sleepy-pie Newtie on my lap. Lots of weirdo fighting action, and secret messages hidden inside of pickles. I like the DVD player that came with my Tron DVD better than the one that came prepackaged on my laptop. I did, however take a brisk little walk around the apartment building, just to get some blood moving. Chop-socky movies always make me want to work out a bit…maybe go back to Tai Chi and Tae Kwon Do, if only to build up some good muscle back, and get a good workout. Had a few smirnoff ices, and am feeling pretty comfy, and am now settling in for some reading. 🙂

Newton got a little sick this morning…I wonder what makes him barf every now and again… (like maybe once a season or so, maybe less frequently.) I think he just ate too much… a bellyfull of food went up and out. He seems fine now, but I’m keeping an eye on him for a while.

I thought it might be from him shredding cardboard, but there wasn’t any in his output.

Well, my amazon gifties have shipped… estimated time of arrival is between the 19th and the 25th.

Started a new writing project. We’ll see how it develops. The “tulpa” 🙂 also the nickname for my new programming setup. .NET is being a little tricky… it’s got some fundamental differences to VB6 that I have to dance around. Ah well, that’s what the net is for… research.

If that news story a while back about the homeless kids and their spooky Bloody Mary mythology was the pinnacle of real-world urban post-modern magic(k) the following story is its bizarre rural counterpart. I can’t even comment on it. You just have to read the entire story. It starts slow, but it’s worth it.

muskets, cross-dressing and marsupial hoisting…

Doctor Who is back! Sort of…

The BBC is broadcasting Doctor Who radio shows over the internet. And Anthony Stewart Head, Giles on Buffy, is one of the actors on it. I’ve not seen an episode in about five years… last thing I saw was the movie on Fox TV. I do rather dig OTR-style broadcasts.