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Newt is clucking very strangely. muh-muh-muh-merrrrr. Nothing outside that I can see. When I went to investigate, wrestling match time… swabs and teef vs giant monster papa hugs.

ZorkBot is an AIM interface for an old text adventure game called Dungeon. This game was the predecessor to the Infocom game Zork which was very popular in the late 1980s. [so yes, maybe it should be called DungeonBot, but Zork has much higher name recognition]

I can only imagine the havoc that a water-cooled laptop computer is capable of wreaking.

A New Zealand phone company sent a bill saying it was charging a man extra for “being an arrogant bastard”.

WCAG in haiku

Fired for having a journal?
This is upsetting because she has never named names, never stated who she worked for. And no, she doesn’t work for the same company I do, and I have never met her. Don’t know her from Eve, but the issue concerns me.

Her first amendment rights have been violated. Period. End of discussion. I hope she sues them into oblivion. They have termitated her for the way she conducts herself in her personal life. They have terminated her because they do not like the opinions she has expressed, outside the workplace… May as well fire her because she runs a pro-Democrat site and the management are all Republicans, or a Baptist site and everyone else are Buddhists. Or because someone went to see her in a play and didn’t like her performance, or went to an art gallery and didn’t like a painting she did. Yes, it’s just that stupid.

Granted, she may be in a “right to work” state. Which, in a seeming contradiction, doesn’t mean you have a right to work. It means employment is a priviledge (“at will”) and the employer can fire you without notice for no reason whatsoever. But according to her, they clearly stated the reason, and it’s just wrong. It’s unethical, even if it were deemed to be legal.

To be fair, balanced, and unbiased, I do wonder if they’re more to the story that Heather’s not telling us — I’d like to talk to her employer to get their side of things, but I’d likely only get a “no comment”… and I’d have to banish them all to the land of wind and ghosts.