Jan 4 2024

Flashback to Day 12,917 (june 15, 2004)

A doodle I drew of myself photographing a big ol’ lizard (in a java version of ms paint had on my website back in the day), and the photo I took with my palmtop Sony clie.

#doodle #lizard #selfie #20yearsago #iguana #pompanobeachfl

Jan 4 2024

Day 20,059

Snow is said to be coming, but today was quite clear, sunny and breezy. Tonight, the temperature is dropping, so I am glad I got most of the outside of the house chores covered today. (Sent back some stuff to Amazon, got groceries, and picked up some useful meds.) That said, oddes are good that it won’t count as a big snow day, maybe a couple of inches, if we get any at all.

Inlaws went back to the Chesapeake bay this morning, so it’s just the big three at home now.

#doodle #blueridgemountains #roanokeva #snowiscoming❄️