Jan 20 2024

Day 20,075 Waving goodbye to the snow as it slowly fades from the ground. I wonder if we will get any more before the season changes again? March 19 is rapidly approaching, but it has been plenty cold, just not very wet. I’ve been enjoying winter, as the Mrs and Pearl both are more drawn to my high levels of radiation. Good warm kimchee ramen for lunch, and promise of lasagna soup for dinner. Thank goodness for the crock pot, the kettle and the air fryer, as the microwave gave up the ghost. I didn’t think we used the nuke box very often, but you really notice when it is gone. I’ve got to measure for a replacement, because it fits over the stove. In other news, got my absentee ballot for the mar 5 election, but it’s not like either the Republicans or the Democrats are really going to get anyone outside of 45 or 46 to choose from in the long run for 47, will they? Pictures are of snow from either assorted in laws or mrs or me, just to take in the snow a bit before it is all gone. I didn’t get any good shots of the mountain peaks proper, but rest assured, they were something to see, blankets of white with little trees sticking up like haphazard hair plugs on the scalp of a 80’s DJ in south Florida. (IYKYK) Resting at the hacienda today, the downside of the cooler temps is that after doing some outside work yesterday, I’m as stiff as the Tin man. #doodle #snow #misspearl #jan202024 #homerepairs #roanokeva https://www.instagram.com/p/C2Vspy1OQUa/?igsh=aWc0N2d5bHJkNjg2