Fri, Jan 5, 2024

Day 20,060

Our local electronics store had me clear a window from 7am – 7pm today for the delivery of a tv for the red room. About seven hours into that window, they contacted us to say that it isnt coming until the twelfth, seven days from now. I would think that all of those 7s was meaningful if I believed in numerology. I do not, so we are just inconvenienced in an interesting way. I don’t even really mind because I was going to be here all day doing chores anyhow, and the TV probably wouldn’t be mounted until after that.

The first few inches of snow may come tomorrow, and I am looking forward to staying in again and just drinking cocoa, sipping soup, and snuggling close to my favorites (both the Mrs and the Kitty) , since I run warm, and they love that in wintertime.

The sky has been overcast, both white and gray at different times, and weather dropped to the 20s F last night. It got up to the 40s today, but I imagine it will drop again to make a sloppy mix of ice/snow/protoslush tomorrow.

@maximillian_deersteak started some lovely lasagna soup in the crock pot, and it smells awesome right now.

Until Next time, dear doodle journal!

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