Jan 10 2024

Selfie doodle

Day 20,065 Today was much the same as yesterday, until 5pm rolled by, when I started experimenting with vectors so I can put my doodles on 3d printed items. This selfie doodle scales up and down really well, without any noticeable loss of detail. Eventually, I will import it to a 3d model on bambu’s sign maker, and then see if I can print an item out in 8 colors with this design on top. I’ll likely start with 2 colors and see how i can scale it up. If i get it to work simply, i will try to implement it more creatively on 3d items, rather than just a flat surface. #doodle #selfie #roanokeva #bambux1carbon #3dprinting #experiment #jan102024 https://www.instagram.com/p/C18A1a4OcF2/?igsh=YmtxY2p1cDZvaHpw