Sleepy Pearl

This kid is all tuckered out after playing all morning and some of last night in the box my Lego viking village came in, and playing with her little bird/mouse on a stick . #misspearl #catsofinstagram #tabbycatsofinstagram #stripedcatsofinstagram #roanokeva #sosleepy #jan272024

Jan 27 2024

Day 20,082 Another early birthday goodie arrived, this time from my Mom and W – she said that a little birdie helped pick it out and I am very thankful! Lego viking village – I really dig this set- it has a lot going on and now I sort of want to pick up a longboat to put next to it (if I find a good place to put the whole thing set up). There is a longhouse, a forge, a scout tower and a copper mine, along with tons of little doodads and greebles, like a fish drying rack and armor on varying levels of build/paint. Snappy 4 minifigs, including a chieftain, a shield maiden, a smith, and a warrior / archer. Some of my The new year’s dragon is also terribly cute, and I will endeavor to get it assembled before lunar new year. Might wait for Amy to come down to build it… or maybe not, depends on what the months ahead bring. #doodle #viking #legoideas #vikingvillage #lego21343