Jan 13 2024

Day 20,068

Snow is coming this week after all! (Unless things change again)

As always, I want just enough for things to have that little white highlighter look on everything, and not so much as to make life dangerous. Snow is great, black ice I can pass on.

I used to draw this hooded guy on a flying carpet all the time when I was a kid, he would fly around zapping things with magic coming from his hands, or just interact in some way with people in magazine ads or whatever if I was bored and all I had was a magazine or mailing ad laying around while I was talking on the phone or eating breakfast at the table. The fun thing was that since I couldn’t do convincing faces or bodies very well, the robes made up for a lot of errors, and a flying carpet is a lot easier to draw than a weird flying steed of another sort.

I never gave him a consistent name, just “wizard dude on a flying carpet”, and I suppose it really doesn’t have to be a dude, even. On occasion, eyestalks or tentacles would come out of the hood and sleeves, but usually it was just black hands and face area.

On a really slow day, he might shoot a beam at an army of stick figures with polearms far below, turning them into a pillar of smoke and flame.

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