Jan 8 2024

Day 20,063

Somehow, I’ve had the song from the ancient Sesame Street cartoon “That’s About the Size” by animator Bud Luckey (the same guy who designed Woody from Toy Story, and a lot of wonderful Pixar stuff)


Today whizzed by, mainly because I slept late due to the old spine and leg hubbub. It was brisk and rainy, but no snow like we had expected.

I made a quick trip to the recycling center to get rid of a ton of cardboard left over from the holidays and spent much of the day sort of just puttering around picking up, walking around the house chasing the cat.

Evening came quickly, and despite our having a lot of excellent lasagna soup left, we opted for a bit of an appetizer dinner of pretzel bites and some caramel popcorn over a few hours of Ugly Betty reruns.

Pearl is especially rowdy this evening, enjoying the devil out of her llama themed tower.

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