April 6 2024

Day 20,152 ☀️🌸

A gentle Saturday. We went out with the in-laws and visited the first farmers’ market of the season. We admired all the Kwanzan cherry trees along the way. We picked up a few baked goods from @blacksburgbagels and some lovely plates and bowls from @ishadevinepottery.

Then we returned home to move the old couch out so the new couch could take its place. Pearl is enjoying all the hubbub and a little packing tissue from one of rhe bowls.

The in-laws are likely heading back to the Bay tomorrow morning, so hopefully we can have a little fun before they leave. CB is doing their taxes, so we will reconnect when they are finished. With any luck, that will be before too long.

#SaturdayVibes #FarmersMarket #misspearl #HomeImprovement #doodle #woodsybear #cryptid

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