He liked Perl. She liked quilting. To impress her, he wrote some Perl programs to generate all the possible quilt blocks of a certain type, the output of which is shown here. When they got married, she made the program output into a quilt for him as a wedding gift.

sort of reminds me of me and my sweetie. *sigh*

floating off to sweet dreams. see you kids tomorrow, in a beautiful, nappy-time, sweet-rainy day tomorow!

what a nifty gizmo!

I’m shopping for a digicam… this one’s pretty neato.

just got a new patch for age of kings / conquerers. looks like it fixes a few scripting bugs…waiting to install it (want to make sure my partner player is going to get it first…only one person I really want to play with, need to keep compatible.)

Note: Microsoft Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion 1.0C is an update of Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion 1.0. The installation of patch 1.0B is not necessary as this patch contains the same enhancements and bug fixes. Patch 1.0C also fixes mini map trainer issues with Age of Kings The Conquerors.

Patch 1.0C will not install correctly if you have previous installed a WAREZ version of the game, the CD Hack or any trainers. You must delete and install the Conquerors for the patch to work correctly.

Known Issues with Patch 1.0C – Readme file is from version 1.0B. (the Same install and de-install instructions from Patch 1.0B still apply).

This patch contains numerous bug fixes & play balance changes. Some of the fixes are not listed here.

Play Balance & Adjustments

Open ground is always green on the minimap, even on snow or sand terrain.
Black Forest no longer turns up if you select Random Map or Land Random.
Farms can be queued to 40.
Fish traps now provide food at a faster rate, about equal to shore fish.
All archery range units (except hand-cannoneers) now do +1 additional damage to spearman-line units.
Camels are now as quick to train as spearmen.
Viking Berserks now move as fast as pikemen.
Celtic Woad Raiders now move faster (they run faster than Eagle Warriors who lack Squires).
Bombard Cannons do +80 additional damage to buildings.
New Multiplayer-only map type “Blind Random”. This selects randomly between a number of different map types, and you are not told what kind of map you are playing on.
Aztecs now get free Loom
Castles now take 200 build points to construct instead of 150.
Franks now have the Halberd technology.
Chinese start with 50 less food than before (for a total of -200 food)
Bombard Towers now do piercing damage instead of normal damage (the major effect is vs. rams).
Byzantines get free Town Watch
Training time for Teutonic Knights, Longboats, Tarkans, and Samurai is significantly reduced.
Spanish hand-cannoneer and bombard cannons now get a 15% faster fire rate. Fire rate for conquistadors and elite conquistadors is also improved.
Cav archers now have equal range to heavy cav archers.
Goth infantry now gets its full cost discount in Feudal Age.
Japanese infantry now gets its full attack speed bonus in Feudal Age.

hitting the sack shortly… gnite!

Disneyland: The Inside Poop –
“On the average, each guest visits the restroom three times.” So say the authors of this article at Mouseplanet detailing of the Happiest Potties on Earth, a site that review of all 52 public restrooms in the theme park And they even took pictures. Ewww….

Dr. John C. Lilly Dies at 86 –
Dr. John Cunningham Lilly, who championed the study of interspecies communications during a career that probed the mystery of human consciousness, has died. Lilly invented the isolation tank, and pioneered communication with dolphins. He was 86.

epicene – – in honor of Neutered Newton.

epicene EP-uh-seen, adjective:
1. Having the characteristics of both sexes.
2. Effeminate; unmasculine.
3. Sexless; neuter.
4. (Linguistics) Having but one form of the noun for both the male and the female.

1. A person or thing that is epicene.
2. (Linguistics) An epicene word.

Epicene derives from Latin epicoenus, from Greek epikoinos, “common to,” from epi-, “upon” + koinos, “common.”